Luxury Gyms in Miami

gyms in MiamiStaying fit is a priority for many Miami residents, with access to the beach 12 months out of the year and a culture that values health and wellness.

While many luxury condos in Miami feature private fitness facilities and there are plenty of places to stay active outsdie all year round, some prefer a carefully curated, luxury experience in one of these top Miami gyms.

Anatomy Fitness

Featuring innovative group classes and individually curated training with unique state-of-the-art equipment, Anatomy Fitness is a boutique gym designed to help their clients reach big fitness goals. For the second year in a row, it was voted the best gym in Miami by the StayFit305 community. 

There are now 5 locations of Anatomy throughout the Miami area to make accessing the group fitness programming, luxury amenities, and personal training that has earned Anatomy such an impeccable reputation in the Miami fitness community. 

Anatomy Fitness seeks to "create intimate health and wellness communities where friends and families can sweat, enhance, and recover, all under one roof."


Members of Equinox enjoy a unique luxury gym experience where they can reach their fitness goals through an individually designed combination of group classes and personal training. 

Classes at Equinox provide members with access to all the latest trends in fitness, including all the instruction and equipment required. There are five Equinox locations in Miami, in Aventura, Brickell Heights, Coral Gables, South Beach, and Brickell

In addition to unrivaled group fitness classes and personal training, Equinox offers a luxurious gym experience that is on-par with the finest five star resort. Members enjoy a rotating roster of luxury spa services, eucalyptus steam rooms, juice bars, rooftop pools and cabanas, executive locker rooms, and more.

Barry's Bootcamp

Known for their iconic red room often seen on social media, Barry's Bootcamp offers some of the best workouts in Miami and has a cult following because of the culture and the proven results. 

It isn't uncommon to burn upwards of 1,000 calories in a single workout at Barry's Bootcamp, where members are pushed to the limit to achieve their fitness goals. 

At the end of the workout, head to the fuel bar where you will find smoothies and snacks carefully designed to support your goals and refuel after a killer workout. 


As the name suggests, GluteHouse is all about the booty. With the support of a fitness coach and a state-of-art app uniquely available to GluteHouse members, you will enjoy a workout unlike any other. The brand new fitness concept is designed to take the guesswork and planning out of your workout, making leg day fun again.

Take your training seriously while having a great time. If you're a dog owner, you will be thrilled to learn that GluteHouse welcomes your canine family members to hang out while you get your workout in. 


Miami is home of one of the UFC Gym's locations, perfect for those looking to make some serious headway in their fitness goals. At their Midtown location, members benefit from classes ranging from MMA to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to spin.

Live virtual classes are included with membership, perfect for those looking to push themselves and stay on track with fitness goals from the road. If you travel and want to stay consistent with your training, UFC Gym has everything you need to stay disciplined. 

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