6 Great Museums in Miami Not to Miss

Miami is known for its vibrant nightlife and gorgeous beaches, but it is also a cultural hub with an extensive list of museums. When you are in the mood to learn and be inspired, spend the day beating the heat in one of Miami's top museums.6 Great Museums in Miami Not to Miss

Institute of Contemporary Art

The Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami (ICA) is located in the Miami design district and is a pillar of the local art scene. The museum is open to the public for free, and open late on some weekends for special events. The focus of the museum is on local artists, Cuban-born and Latin American artists in particular, with some permanent exhibits as well as temporary exhibits to keep the museum dynamic and interesting every time you visit. Tickets are free, but reservation for the museum is required to adhere to capacity limits.

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Dedicated to sharing the power of science and sparking the imagination of their guests, the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is a favorite in Miami. The hands-on exhibits are engaging and inspiring, with an aquarium, a planetarium, and two science galleries. The Frost Museum is located in Downtown Miami's Bayfront Park and is the perfect place for any crowd to spend the day, with or without kids. They also boast one of the best views of Miami, from the rooftop terrace guests can access from the elevator.

Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

Focused on 20th and 21st century art from around the globe, the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is a 120,000 square foot art museum overlooking Biscayne Bay. Stroll through the massive museum with its 8 galleries that showcase an impressive permanent collection as well as thought provoking temporary exhibits. Explore the museum and see art from household names and new (to you) artists. End your trip with a swing in the garden hammocks overlooking the Bay.

The Bass

At the northern end of South Beach, just across the street from the beach is The Bass. Founded in 1964, The Bass is an art deco space featuring art in many mediums, including sculptures, artifacts, paintings, film, and lectures. After a major renovation and reinvention in 2017, The Bass has become even more iconic in Miami, with four new galleries, space for educational events, a museum store, and a café. This is the perfect place to escape the heat or a rainy day.

Miami Children's Museum

If you have children to delight and entertain, the Miami Children's Museum is the perfect place to spend the day. Located on Watson's Island, the Miami Children's Museum is a museum-based charter school that is also open to the public. It is one of America's largest children's museums, filled with hands on exhibits that are so engaging the kids won't realize they are at school. At the Port of Miami exhibit, kids can operate a crane. In the Health & Wellness exhibit, kids see what professional athletes do to stay strong and healthy. Other exhibits feature art, glass making, construction, banking, music, pets, and grocery shopping. The museum really spans just about every facet of life to teach guests in a totally innovative and engaging way.

Haitian Heritage Museum

Doubling as a cultural center and museum, the Haitian Heritage Museum offers a fascinating look into Haitian culture and lifestyles. It was founded in 2004 to commemorate Haiti's bicentennial, and is a nostalgic and comforting place for Haitian Miami residents to teach their children about the Caribbean island. Chances are you have a lot to learn about Haitian history, and this museum is the perfect place to do it with temporary exhibits, special events, and more.

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